The Answers: Question 4

4. Bloom’s Taxonomy describes six levels of abstraction at which we know a subject. Name them, in any order. For each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, write a non-trivial question about insects that would give a student a chance to demonstrate meaningful mastery of some insect-related subject. [12]

You would earn half a mark for naming each level, and one-and-a-half marks for every good question. Examples of suitable questions at all six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy might include:

Knowledge | What are the three main body parts of an insect?

Comprehension | What is the difference between a bug and an insect?

Application | Label a diagram of the anatomy of a wasp.

Analysis | Study the inventory of insects gathered in each of ten traps at the mapped locations of a field site. What are the most common species and what is their likely population density across the site?

Synthesis | Diagram the ranges of each species across the field site and propose site improvements to support population growth of Monarch butterflies and control mosquitoes.

Evaluation | Consider the effectiveness of the proposed site improvements, the species risk to the Monarch butterfly, the human health risks from mosquitoes and a park maintenance budget ceiling of $10,000. Which site improvements would you recommend to the park management, and why?


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