The Answers: Question 1

1. One of the basics of working well with other people is learning their names. There are thirty-five students in this class. Name them. Yes, you may look around. No, you may not signal to one another. [5]

Shout-out to the intrepid members of the first INTEG120 class: Avery, Barrett, Brile, Brittney, Cayley, Christina, Dan, Danna, Dave, Delaney, Devin, Domenic, Elaine, Eric, Julie, Kaleigh, Kat, Kathy, Kelly, Kyrie, Laura, Liam, Maria, Mary, Matthew, Megan, Melissa, Paul, Ryan, Ryley, Sarah, Trystan, Vanessa, Victoria, and Will.

I seem to recall that I awarded bonus marks to at least one person for providing first and last names, all spelled correctly.


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