1. Don't put down anyone's work, especially your own.

1. Don’t put down anyone’s work, especially your own.

2. Don't lick the brushes.

2. Don’t lick the brushes.

3. No adult slave labour.

3. No adult slave labour.

4. You can quit, but you can't whine.

4. You can quit, but you can’t whine.

Normalizing, not stereotyping

  I teach figure drawing. Let me answer your first three questions: Yes, they’re naked. Yes, they get paid. Yes, it’s weird… for the first five minutes, the first time, for us and for the model. Then it’s such difficult work that it stops being weird and turns into work. I teach students anatomy, too,…


Dreams are undirected mash-ups of our thoughts and experiences, mash-ups that sometimes produce ideas worth exploring. But dreams are also fleeting, almost always forgotten after waking. Thomas Edison used to take naps sitting in a comfortable chair, with metal pie plates sitting on the floor on either side, while holding marbles in his hands. When…

Best line of the day wasn’t mine

I taught a life drawing class the other day. It was late in the term and there was a test coming up soon, so I’d been giving the students little pop quizzes to help them prepare. That day, we had a model in and I had to ask him to wait while everyone did this…

I remember what I thought on December 6, 1989

I don’t remember where I was when I heard about the massacre at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. I remember what I felt: horror and grief and anger. What follows sounds foolish, even to me. I’ve kept it to myself for twenty-five years. But I also remember what I thought when I heard about the…